Is Food Poisoning Contagious?(Contagious and Non- Contagious Types)

Yes! Or No! Correct answer of Is food poisoning contagious depend upon the type of the food poisoning you are suffering from.  Many types of food poisoning are contagious. Let us elaborate those type of food poisoning which are contagious and those which are not.

Is Food Poisoning Contagious?  A Big Yes

There many types of food poisoning which are contagious. Types food poisoning (will  be discuss below)are  caused by  contaminated food by viruses, bacteria and parasites are contagious. Because it is possible to pass that germs to other person. For example when you start vomiting your face and other parts of your body  is start getting these germs. Hence if some one get a chance to touch that infected part of your face or body he can surely get food poisoning.  It is suggested by medical professionals that in case some are infected with diarrhea and vomiting. Therefore it is important to disinfect all the area having change to infect with germs (washroom etc) .

The most common types of food poisoning that are contagious are  E. Coli, norovirus and salmonella. And the most dangerous is norovirus (very contagious). Lets know some thing about these types .

  1. Coil: This bacteria usually found within intestine of animals and humans. It can cause diarrhea and wort cases are anemia and kidney failure which may cause death.

Norovirus: It is a group of viruses that can lead you to gastrointestinal disease(stomach and large intestine inflammation). The worst thing is it is responsible for more then half food disease each year.

Salmonella: is caused food poisoning called salmonellosis. Usually it is common in summer and children old age and those who have weaker immune system are easy targets to infect. Fever, diarrhea and abdominal pain are main symptoms of salmonella.

Next we will know about which types of food poisoning are not contagious.

Is Food Poisoning Contagious?  NO Sometime

Elaborating yes or no answer for is food poisoning contagious? In this part we will discuss those types of food poisoning which are not contagious.

food poisoning from bacterial toxins are not contagious. In simple words. When we put our foods in room temperature for long time bacteria start make toxins in that food and when we eat that toxins food we got food poisoning .  Hence this type of food poisoning  is not contagious.

This type of food poisoning are usually caused by meat and meat related products poultry, tuna, egg, potato  , chicken, and macaroni, cream pies, cream-filled pastries, sandwich fillings and milk .

Is Food Poisoning Contagious Through Kissing?

Yes in case you or your partner are suffering from food  poisoning type that are contagious(as discussed above). Because bacteria can spread to oral transmission if individuals face or lips isn’t completely clean.

In addition have a notice on table. Which gave answers of different questions about is food poisoning contagious.(these answers are in case you have those type food poisoning, which is contagious we explain each of them above )



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